Sunday, March 16, 2008


There are some good news coming from a section of politicians who now appear to understand the magnitude of the aftermath of the Dec.27, 2007 disputed/discredited elections. Of note are the statements of Mr. William Ruto and Mr. Najib balala among others.

This weekend Ruto made statements that many will term as positive and headed in the right direction. “The Government we are about to form will not be pegged on sharing positions. Those out for positions should do so quickly and give us ample time to get down to real business,” he said.

He also supported Musalia Mudavadi for the post of deputy prime minister in the proposed coalition Government-this is after there appeared to be some frictions already beginning to show within the ODM ranks when three ODM MPs – Mr Kipkalya Kones, Mr Franklin Bett and Dr Julius Kones – said the sharing of power within ODM should be based on the voting pattern in the December election.

"If we gave more votes than the North Rift, we the Kipsigis should get the bigger portion,’’ Bett said. Dr Julius Kones added: "We support the power deal but not just on the horizontal basis between Kibaki and Raila, ODM and PNU, but we need to let it trickle down to the grassroots. This is ODM’s greatest test.’’It is understood that Ruto's statements were aimed at such stances while clarify and showing the bigger picture of what lies a head.

And while at it, he(Ruto) appealed to leaders to stop arguing over political positions and instead concentrate on fulfilling promises made to the people. The Eldoret North MP warned politicians not to reduce the sacrifices made in the past few months to a scramble for positions.

“Life and property have been lost. Let’s not talk about positions when many people are still living in camps as refugees in their own country,” he said.

The MP added: “Kenyans should pull up their socks, tighten their belts, roll up their sleeves and deal with various historical injustices, marginalization problems and tribalism that is tearing the country apart.” He added “it’s time for us to make sacrifices, like other Kenyans, in order to begin in earnest to solving problems affecting Kenyans instead arguing about positions”.

Balala on his part together with other MPs urged coastal communities to promote peace following the political crisis that rocked the country after the disputed polls. Lets hope that these are not mere empty isolated statements aimed at achieving cheap political mileage but, a true change of heart and a willingness to put the country before personal interests.And shall we demand that, the rest join-hands and together in unison to lift this country up.

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