Saturday, October 11, 2008


McCain’s ever changing campaign themes.

Unlike his democratic presidential candidate opponent Barack Obama, who has consistently stuck with his initial theme of change, McCain-the republican presidential candidate has seen/introduced variations of themes-one after another. For example, since he started running- a little over a year ago, now he has managed to morph into at least 5 different themes. Notably-

1) Straight talk express- as the banner on his bus and campaign plane suggests and his earlier starting theme during the primary contests.

2) Change we can believe in-immediately after the republican convention and a surprise pick of the Alaska gov. Sarah Palin, (- barracuda-pit bull with lipstick-or pig with lipstick, whichever!)

3) maverick- introduced concurrently with change theme immediately after the republican convention with his running mate on/at his side.

4) Reformer? Or this also means maverick? - Also introduced just around the time after the republican convention. It might have been overtaken by the events. Who knows?

5) Country first-the current theme. This might also means “suspensions”-including his campaign during the initial first free fall week of the Wall Street and don’t forget the first presidential debate. And as of late-if the last week is anything to go by, it also might mean getting really negative with your... the opponent.

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