Thursday, April 3, 2008


The much a waited Cabinet is finally here?

The reports are trickling in that PNU and ODM are ready to form the new cabinet.
After haggling for almost a month about every little things imaginable and PNU brigades with their usual antics showing their true colours and how myopic they really can be/are, Kenyans had been reduced to mere spectators save for their fate being in the precipice.

Addressing reporters after talks, Mr Odinga said the agreement has been reached and that the new cabinet will be formally announced on 6 April. "We have agreed to announce the cabinet on Sunday and that the cabinet will be sworn in on [the following] Saturday," Mr Odinga said.

A statement from President Kibaki said both parties were pleased with the outcome of the discussions in the spirit of give and take. The long consultations were necessary to enable there be an agreement that is amicable and good for the country, the statement added. Civil society groups have called on the leaders to appoint a lean cabinet with untainted personalities.

Early this week, the activists lead by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai were tear-gassed by police when they held a demonstration against proposals by President Kibaki to raise the cabinet positions from the present 34 to 44. And Transparency International chairman Richard Leakey warned that the continued delay in appointing the cabinet was creating room for corruption to thrive in government.

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