Thursday, January 31, 2008


Another Opposition MP Shot Dead

Hon David Kimutai the MP for Ainamoi constituency has been shot dead. His body is lying at the Moi Teaching and referral hospital in Eldoret.

It is not clear exactly what happened but Kenyans are in shock because the other slain MP Mugabe Were is yet to be buried. It is believed that he was shot outside an Eldoret hotel by a police officer.

And a planned negotiation has been postponed until friday. "We have postponed this afternoon's session and we will work all day tomorrow so that the leaders can attend to urgent matters and call their constituents," Annan told reporters.

Mr. Kofi Annan did not give any reasons for the postponement which came against the backdrop of the murder of Ainamoi Member of Parliament David Kimutai Too in Eldoret earlier today. But it is believed that the postponement is due to the MP's death. At the same time, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in an apparent change of heart, plans to visit Kenya tomorrow (Friday) to add his weight to the efforts of Mr. Annan toward ending the crisis.

Kibaki is presently in Addis Ababa attending the AU summit while Raila Odinga spoke at an ODM press conference in Nairobi (Pentagon House) where he termed the murder of the ODM MP "The second killing of an MP belonging to Orange Democratic Movement is part of a plot to reduce our majority in parliament".

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner has announced that the assailant, a unnamed police constable, has been arrested in Turbo along the Malaba - Eldoret Road and is currently in police custody in Nakuru. The alleged murderer will appear in court tomorrow, the police commissioner promised.

The MP was traveling in this red Toyota saloon car, when he was shot several times while still seated on the driver's seat at point-blank range.

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