Sunday, January 27, 2008


Unverified rumours are circulating around that the militia (rumoured to have originated from Uganda consist of Karamajong, Pokot, Sabaot, Japadhola) have said they will not rest until Kibaki is ousted from State House. They started in North Rift and have only this week 'arrived' in South Rift. A word is going round also that they stormed the State House- Nakuru and were about to set it ablaze before Kenya Army personnel talked them out of it "in mother tongue". The bitterness of a stolen election is what Annan is referring to as "something else". Kenya Police are NO match for these guys and most victims in Nakuru morgues bear gunshot wounds. They say they are doing this because of what Ugandan soldiers did to their brothers in Western. Hii deni ni lazima ilipwe they say. In other words, Museveni's actions must be avenged.

After South Rift, these guys say they are 'itching' to overrun Nairobi. It is a scary prospect because they give notice of attack for women and children to be evacuated. Unlike their uniformed Kenyan counterparts, they are not interested in gang rape or petty thuggery.

Not surprised? What was thought to be a tribal clashes is now evolving into an armed guerrilla warfare? I hope not. But, then again you never know.

The rumour mills also has it that, ODM supporters in Kisumu have officially petitioned ODM Raila Odinga to supply them with firearms. So has the one's in Kibera, Mathare, e.t.c... who have even taken over the collection of taxes on behalf of their ODM government in their respective areas. They say "Kibaki ni rais wenyu huko Nyeri". In Kibera, Raila is the recognized president. It is believed the same applies to SIX other regions in Kenya.

Mayhem in Nakuru continues as a Catholic church-holy cross in the outskirts of the town burned down and people literary walking with crude weapons. Vigilantes have barricaded the Nairobi-Nakuru highway near Naivasha. Police is said to have been telling motorists to turn back. Mungiki group arrested on a lorry in the Nakuru-Nairobi road and a 7-6 curfew still being reinforced. There are more Kikuyu exodus to the ASK Nakuru showground.

The Nakuru showground fence also burned down in the morning during the week by members of the Kalenjins, Luos and Luhyas militia combined, demanding that the Kikuyus vacate the town.

More bloodshed expected to continue as lorry full of vigilantes have arrived from Western part of the country with bows and arrows ready to go. I hope this is not true. It could be really sad if it is.

Therefore my countrymen and women, with live broadcast and political rally bans, the best PNU can do. They have virtually invited unto themselves a monster they will regret ever getting entangled with.

PS: The above post falls under rumours until independently verified, nothing more just rumours. Therefore, it cannot be taken as fact.

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