Friday, January 18, 2008


Statement by the Professionals and Business Forum for Peace on the ongoing violence

“NO to deaths and destruction of property”

Who we are?
Ladies and gentlemen, we members of the Professionals and Business Forum for Peace (PBFP) would like to call for an immediate end to the current killings, destruction of property and disruption of business in the country. PBFP is a non partisan body bringing together business and professional organizations in the country to press for a solution to the current national crisis.

Background: What is happening?
The past few weeks have witnessed loss of lives, property and injuries at unprecedented levels. We would like to categorically say a resounding “NO” to these criminal acts.

The business community and professionals have suffered immensely following the eruption of post election violence in the country. The losses accruing have affected the entire country and resulted in job losses.

The economy stands to lose even more if this violence continues and peace is not restored in the country soon. It is unfortunate that what the country took decades to build is being destroyed within a few weeks.

What we Propose?

Dialogue: We would like to call upon the protagonists across the political divide, Hon. Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki to engage in immediate dialogue.

Stop Mass Action: We realize that meaningful dialogue can only happen in a peaceful atmosphere. While mass action is not necessarily bad, what we are witnessing is the creation of an opportunity for lawlessness.

Stop Killings: The Kenya Professional and Business Forum would like to urge leaders from both sides of the political divide to take charge of their followers and actively urge them to stop the killings we are currently witnessing. The police should also exercise restrain as they try to contain the violence.

Non Partisanship: We call on all parties concerned or interested in the ongoing crisis to maintain a non partisan position. Kenyan remains a sovereign state and international organizations should not make statements that fan the violence.

We therefore categorically state that we want to see peace and order restored in the country as soon as possible to allow for dialogue and the underlying issues that have led to the current crisis to be addressed.

KPBF Organizations:

The associations in this forum include:

Kenya Medical Association

Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
Kenya Pharmaceuticals Distributors Association
Kenya Psychiatrists Association
National Nurses Association of Kenya
Marketing Society of Kenya
Public Relations Society of Kenya
Kenya ICT Action Network
Kenya ICT Federation
Eldoret Business Council
Friends of Eldoret (Residents Association)
Nakuru Business Association
Nairobi Central Business District Association
Youth Science and Technology Development Network
AIESEC (Kenya Chapter of International Association for Students interested in Economics and Management)
Kenya Health Federation
Central Organisation of Trade Unions
Association of Practitioners in Advertising
Kenya Private Sector Alliance
Institute of Engineers of Kenya
Save the Children Fund
Kenya Tourism Federation
Kenya Union of Journalists

PS: Notice that there is no mention of election irregularities and that these guys are only interested in addressing economic losses (read pockets) instead of the widely known affront to democracy and the plight of the kenyan people in general. You can also think of it as "a GEMA effort..i.e lets move on"

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