Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am finding most of the international media portraying the current crisis as "a minority Luos vs majority Kikuyus". it is sad and pathetic and i think we need to rise up and get the truth out there. It is important that news organizations get it right. That, the real truth is not minority Luos vs majority Kikuyus thing i.e tribal affair, it is complicated, it is a country rising up to demand the fundamental basic human right and certainly not what it appears to be on the surface . But then, it cannot be more obvious, like in the Rift valley where the church was torched and scores of people where.... children, women and young men lost their lives. I didn't think it's a Raila's Luo who did it as it has been conveniently referred to. How about other places like Mombasa, Eldoret, Kakamega, Kericho, etc..etc? The fact of the matter is, it portrays a simmering resentments by other groups that have been going on for so long, it just needed a spark or lighter to get the fire started...all the ingredients were already there and this made it. It's a small window showing a society that is sick and tired of the current situation. By no means am I suggesting that this kind of bloodletting 's the right way to go . all human life is precious and sacred, nobody has a right to take it a way it by the trigger-happy GSU who's been senselessly killing our brothers and sisters in kisumu, kibera or in other places or any other group. We need leaders who can rise up above all this and lead the country forward, by assuring the masses that, kenya is bigger than an individual and that we can do better......who would that be?

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Sonare said...

I am no kenyan but a part of me is...i have felt for the strong effects the post election have caused. It is always the helpless civilians who suffer from the selfish and motivated agenda of few people who wanted to hold on to power. I don't think violence is the answer for achieving a better place. I think it is time to unite and set aside our differences and together let us rebuild a better Kenya that is grounded with justice, equality and peace.