Monday, January 28, 2008

Embakasi MP shot dead

Embakassi Member of Parliament has been Shot Dead In Nairobi. Mr. Mugabe Were of ODM was shot dead in the early hours of Tuesday morning(01/29/2008) at 1.00am at the gate of his woodley home in Nairobi as he was trying to get home.

He had barely served for 1 month in the new 10th parliament. He got shot three times in the head-(one to the eye through the back of the head, and two others in the torso). He died before reaching the hospital. He leaves two widows and four children. There are also some reports indicating that this has triggered a surge of violence in some parts of Nairobi as it has been perceived to be politically motivated. His guard said unknown assailants trailed him to his gate opened fire and shot him at a point blank range before casually walking away without taking anything.It is also said that ODM members are holding a meeting at Orange House, not far from the crime scene and will issue a statement.

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