Wednesday, January 9, 2008

USHAHIDI IS BORN - Report Incidents of Violence in Kenya

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January 9th, 2008

This is going to be a tool to chronicle the incidents (of post 2007 general election) violence happening around Kenya. That is the basic premise behind it. - A Tool to for Witnesses of violence in Kenya is a tool for people who witness acts of violence in Kenya in these post-election times. You can report the incident that you have seen, and it will appear on a map-based view for others to see. Ory and Daudi are working with local Kenyan NGO’s to get information and to verify each incident.

What you can do is get the word out about Ushahidi so that it’s utilized to it’s full potential. This especially extends to talking to the people that you know who have seen things in Kenya and getting them to the site as well. Homepage

the Homepage
white african said.......

At the beginning of a project like this the technology portion can seem to be the hardest to get off the ground. In the end, it’s just the tool, and the hard work will come from people in the field who are working with ngo’s and other groups to keep this information accurate and to chronicle as much of it as they can. If you want to help, get in touch with Daudi or Ory to get started.

When all the dust settles from this in Kenya, don’t be one of the ones saying, “I should have done something”.

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