Sunday, January 20, 2008


More deaths have been reported in rift valley
and parts of Nairobi Sunday. The reports put death toll in the rift valley at 22 people and hundreds of homes burned. In mathare three people died.
It was understood that some vigilantes that were taking part in the protests last week were arrested by police and some others went to try and get them released, the locals said. The trouble started when police resisted the demands by the group to release their colleagues that had been detained earlier prompting the group to go on the rampage reports said. Witnesses said they saw around 17 people who had died from pangas and arrow wounds and five shot by the police.

Flyers that appears to be from the Mungiki gang, notorious for their brutal attacks and other rackets were being circulated outside the church where Raila spoke on sunday. It warned Luos living in Kibera of reprisals. "It is now known ... that the Luo had predetermined to cause chaos," said the printed flyer, whose authenticity could not immediately be verified. "It is time that their aggression is halted forthwith without delay, therefore Mungiki's taking control," it said. If this is true, then it is very alarming. We are sliding fast into the wanton abyss.

At the same time the kibaki government has insisted that the kalonzo-lead team consisting of Martha Karua , Moses Wetangula, Samuel Poghisio, Kalonzo M. and Mutula Kilonzo among others to spearhead the Annan mediation talks despited the ODM objection.

Alex Ndegwa has a good article about the Sunday violence

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