Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Kenya's Collapse

A rigged election, ethnic violence, economic nosedive and now political assassinations. The crisis in Kenya has hit a bottomless pit. Worse, the politicians whose actions either directly or indirectly resulted to this and who thought they had the raw power to do whatever they please, now seem to have lost their forces and don't look capable of regaining it back.

It's been a month since the country exploded. When Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner of the December 27 election, most people, especially the youth felt cheated. Their only right to make their voices heard was stolen from them, expectations were overtaken by dispair, anger and rage settled in. And with media and mass rally banned, there was nowhere to vent and the end result has proven unpredictably ugly with kenyans who, once-lived together turning against each other. Contempt running high and spilling of each others blood no longer a taboo. Mr. Kibaki's stealing of the december'07 election have really worked wonders into the Kenya's psyche.

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