Thursday, February 7, 2008


With the political crisis in the country well into another month and with no apparent sign of abetting, pertinent lessons continue to be drawn from the debacle.

Unified by one common language, Swahili, Kenya had for decades remained an oasis of peace, unity and stability in a region beleaguered by civil strife and social disorder.

Inchi yetu Kenya hakuna matata (no problem in our country, Kenya) virtually became the country’s corporate label - attracting investments and tourists from around the globe.

Where then did all the perceived ethnic antipathy come from all of a sudden, people have been asking. Well, somehow, the power brokers had taken Kenyans for granted and are now paying a heavy price for it.

“We can do whatever we wish with the election results after all Kenyans are peaceful and peace-loving people, they will do nothing,” so they thought.
Never to take anyone for granted is a maxim many of us were taught from a young age, but sadly, the wisdom of it has been lost on some of our leaders.

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