Sunday, February 3, 2008


Experienced Hand for Supremacists.

By Taabu...

The home guards are back with a vengeance albeit in disguise. The pretenders to freedom struggle are all teeth sucking the blood of Kenyans in their quest for superlative domination. If you ever thought that the home guards snatched independence goodies from the mouth of real Kenyan freedom fighters think again.

Just like the home guards shared among themselves Kenya’s wealth at independence, Kibaki and his cronies are hell bent on riding on the back of all Kenyans who shed their blood for the second and subsequent liberations. Around Kibaki are a bunch of tribal supremacists who will stop at nothing to entrench their selfish interest on Kenyans.

Behind the present political meltdown lie these supremacists headed by one John Kimendero Michuki. To fool Kenyans, Kibaki has cleverly relocated this colonial chief to an ‘obscure’ ministry where he can call the shots incognito. Meanwhile the (blue-eyed-or is it big-bulging eyes of grave disease-like symptoms?), lady Karua is left to intellectually sanitize the rot and bloodbath.

Just like the home guards stole independence Kenyans and so the supremacists stole freedom and justice from Kenyans. Kenyatta rode and broke on the back of true freedom fighters and Kibaki has not disappointed in perfecting the art of STEALING the trophy from the horse’s mouth. His stealing of last year’s election was a culmination of DECEPTION EXTRAORDINAIRE that has left Kenyans wondering what devil transformed the hitherto General coward aka fence sitter into such a hardliner.

Decoys for rape
Well, the true face of Kibaki lies in his history. He learned highhandedness first hand from Jomo with all his attendant thieving ways. He completed the initiation with surrounding himself with supremacists who can only dole out small favours to others by allowing them to populate the land mass with no right WHATSOEVER to leadership.

If Kibaki was a good student of Kenyatta’s divisive and destructive politics, then he superlatively excelled in Moi’s shamelessness of use-and-damp. Make no mistake Emilio is a brilliant guy who knows exactly what he is doing and where he is headed. The tribal cult around him is nothing but a convenient decoy to make Kenyans serve him with generous benefits of doubt. Just imagine what a marvelous and irreplaceable asset mother nature gave him and his handlers in the name of Lucy. Aggressive, abbrassive, spot on and hands on, no hangers, no holds barred. Convenient irritant to Kibaki's apologists.

Kibaki’s cleverly crafted decoy of 6% economic growth has been exposed for what it was – a preface to massage national ego as the principals rape us to the last drop of blood both economically and politically. Don't delude yourself into believing that anything meaningful will come out of the Annan's talks. At the risk of being branded a pessimist (realist) I dare say that Kibaki already knew the outcome even before the talks started in the first place. Who is fooling who and for how long?

Granted, the world is not fair and was never designed to be so. But there comes a time when you cannot fool all the people all the time. Kenyans know what they want and they are ready to pay the ultimate price for it with their lives. No amount of brute force can reverse the course to JUSTICE.

The government’s monopoly on violence will only succeed in postponing BUT NEVER extinguish Kenya’s dawn to a new era of EQUALITY and EQUITY. Nothing is as difficult, nay impossible, as trying to impose your leadership on a determined and unwilling populace. Magnificent castles are always built from ruins by determined hands, we shall overcome. POLITICO-ECONOMIC JUSTICE, no less.

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