Friday, February 8, 2008



By guest...

We hope that Kenya will build itself from the tragedy that was the 27th December 2007 election.

We hope that our leaders will see the need to legislate a strong institutional framework that ensure that the same will never happen again.

We hope that the 'Kibaki Syndrome' that seems to affect all the leaders in the African continent shall be addressed so that the continent can create enabling environment for democracy, equity and justice to flourish.

We hope that the vultures and hyenas shall learn that the power belongs to the people, and that it is the people who should determine the winner of the election and not those who count and tally the votes.

We hope that the parots and fanatical sycophants shall learn the importance of principles and the value of patriotism.

We hope that the arrogant vultures and myopic power thieves shall learn that humility is the key for unity.

We hope that the Party of National Unity will come to sense and change it's name to fit int with its core objective, which seemed to have been to divide kenyans and to rule by the barrel of a gun and the force of the Mungiki.

We hope that our leaders shall learn the power of sacrifice and emulate Nelson Mandela and our own Agwambo Raila Arap Mibei Mwana Wa Nabongo IV, the peoples president.

Raila you are my president and you do not need to be the president of Kenya to be the true president of your supporters. We shall be behind you 100%. Lead the team and the country to new heights, where democracy, equity and justice shall rein.

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