Thursday, February 21, 2008


Word is out that PNU-government is finally caving in and facing a reality check as it is reported that they have "agreed in principle" to the creation of a prime minister's post.

The announcement came a day after ODM statement said they would resume peaceful mass protests unless action is taken quickly to reform/amend the country's constitution. This is to allow the "ongoing arrangements" made in the negotiations to be incorporated into law.

"The PNU sub-committee on legal affairs has agreed on the creation of the post of a non-executive prime minister with substantial responsibilities." Mr.kilonzo said on Thursday. But this offer is safe to say, is highly unlikely to be accepted by the ODM. Simply because the post is a non-executive.

'Real power-sharing'

Mr.Anyang Nyong’o said that he expected an agreement by the end of Friday. "The negotiators are at the table, so we must give them time," he said. "If you are going to have real power-sharing, you must separate the head of state from the head of government ... Which has been a proposal made by Kenyans since 1992.

"It is a response to the demands and wishes of Kenyans for more effective and democratic government so that the state runs properly." he added.

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