Wednesday, February 20, 2008


ODM issued a strong statement on Wednesday saying that it will resume peaceful street protests if negotiations led by Mr. Kofi Annan fails to produce a concrete results that is acceptable to the kenyan people within one week. The statement was read by party secretary-general Anyang' Nyong'o.

Kibaki said on Tuesday that any political settlement should be made within Kenya's existing constitution, but ODM said the need to reform the colonial-era treaty was the crux of the problem.

The party accused Kibaki and his Party of National Unity (PNU) of "a deliberate ploy to delay decisions" at the talks. It said, "the ODM does not see a serious partner in the PNU in negotiation for a peaceful settlement."

ODM also has proposed that parliament is summoned within the next one week to enact the necessary changes in the constitution to implement mediation proposals."If that does not happen ODM will resume peaceful mass action." Mr. Anyang' Nyong'o said.

On Tuesday, Kibaki said he was "willing to work together and share responsibilities in government" with ODM, but that any deal "must be in tandem with the current Kenyan constitution".

The PNU-government's insistence on sticking to the constitution - a colonial-era treaty which everyone agree is long overdue for reform, is another attempt/tactics among many designed by PNU to block any special new arrangement to accommodate ODM and solve the country's crisis.

Many Kenyans fear a return to bloodshed if a final deal is not struck soon, and local media saying that gangs in some conflict-hit areas have been re-arming for a possible showdown.

The United Nations has also warned of looming food shortages as the unrest affected crop planting, particularly in the Rift Valley where about half of country's foods are grown.

A deadline set by Annan for a political deal by mid-February has since passed, but the former UN chief has vowed he will stay until the talks reach an "irreversible" point.

It would be in order at this point in time to say that the PNU-allied side be made aware that it is in the best interest of all Kenyans to implement the power-sharing arrangements and undertake these reforms so that the country can move forward.They should put aside their selfish needs and put Kenya and her people first. It cannot be any more clear.

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