Friday, February 8, 2008


It is looking like there may be some hope in the ongoing mediation talks. Reports are emerging that some substantial progress are being made going by the news of this week. "We are making progress,'' Annan said.

"We are all agreed that a political settlement is needed, a political settlement is necessary, and we are now in the process of discussing the details, working out the terms of the settlement,'' he said. "So you will have to be a little patient.'' This is after Ruto had earlier suggested to reporters that there was already a breakthrough.

Annan told reporters that he hoped they would complete their work by early next week.
On Thursday, Raila retreated from earlier calls that Kibaki should step down. And suggested that ODM was willing to compromise for the sake of peace and for the welfare of the country.

"We are saying that we are willing to give and take. Initially our stand was that we won the elections, and Mr. Kibaki lost the elections, he should resign, and we should be sworn in, but we have said that we are not static on that point," Odinga told reporters.

Speaking at a prayer meeting in Nairobi earlier Friday, Kibaki said he was "encouraged'' by progress in talks and reiterated "my personal support and that of my entire government to this process."

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